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English Writing Manual Second Edition++http://www.btbpress.com/book/english-writing-manual/Read to Write Second Edition++http://www.btbpress.com/book/read-to-write/Read to Write Junior++http://www.btbpress.com/book/read-to-write-junior/Read to Write Email++http://www.btbpress.com/book/read-to-write-email/Read to write Compositions++http://www.btbpress.com/book/read-to-write-compositions/Read to write Plus Second Edition cover++Nice to Meet You Academic (English)++http://www.btbpress.com/book/nice-to-meet-you-academic-japanese/Nice to Meet You Academic (Japanese)++http://www.btbpress.com/book/english-conversations-1-japanese-edition/An A-Z of Common English Errors for Japanese Learners (Japanese Edition)++http://www.btbpress.com/book/an-a-z-of-common-english-errors-for-japanese-learners-japanese-edition/An A-Z of Common English Errors for Japanese Learners (English Edition)++http://www.btbpress.com/book/an-a-z-of-common-english-errors-for-japanese-learners-english-edition/Nice to Meet You (Japanese Edition)++http://www.btbpress.com/book/nice-to-meet-you-japanese-edition/Nice to Meet You (English Edition)++http://www.btbpress.com/book/nice-to-meet-you/Learning English Vocabulary++http://www.btbpress.com/book/learning-english-vocabulary/

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The new version of Read to Write Plus will be available shortly. If you have ordered the book for use with your classes, the new one will be the one your students buy. The basic content of the book is unchanged, but the writing manual now includes exercises. Please let us know if you would like a copy of the new version for your own reference. The teacher's guide has been updated to include the answers to the exercises, and it can now be downloaded from the Read to Write Plus page. More News