JALT Annual Conference 2015

David Barker will be presenting at the JALT Annual Conference 2015 at Shizuoka Convention & Art Centre (Granship) in Shizuoka City.

1. Saturday 21st November
4.40 pm – 5.40 pm (60 min)  Room 910

What Do We “Know” About Language Learning? (Workshop)

Research on language learning has produced findings that are confusing, counterintuitive, and contradictory. In this workshop, the speaker will argue that experience of teaching and learning languages, discussions with other teachers and learners, and plain common sense should be the primary sources of guidance for classroom teachers. He will present a list of what his own experiences have led him to believe about language learning and invite the audience to challenge them.

2. Sunday 22nd November
11.00 am – 12.30 pm (90 min)  Room 903

The Student’s Voice in EFL Materials (Forum)

Textbooks are models of language for students, yet they often fail to represent the likely future voices. The native speaker model carries with it implications of accent, modes of delivery, and cultural assumptions. Cook will speak on gender issues in EFL textbooks; Barker on how L1 and C1 interfere with L2 and C2; Smiley on systemic functional linguistics to assess naturalness; Campbell-Larsen on pragmatics; and Wiltshier on writers’ struggles with editors.


BTB Press will also have a booth in the Educational Materials Exhibition (EME) at the venue. Please drop by to see us there!

You can find more details on the official conference website.