JALT Annual Conference 2017

David Barker will be presenting at the JALT Annual Conference 2017 at Tsukuba International Congress Center in Ibaraki.

1. Saturday 18th November
1.15 pm – 2.15 pm (60 min)  Room 202B

How Do You “Teach” Receptive Skills?

Listening and reading classes present a number of challenges for university teachers. These include the quandary of how to teach something that can only be mastered through extensive practice, the need to provide variety in our lessons, the problem of measuring improvement, and the limited amount of time available. The speaker will discuss the approach taken at a new university English Center and explain how that philosophy is reflected in the teaching materials.

2. Sunday 19th November
2.10 am – 2.35 pm (25 min)  Room 405B

Problems With English Classes in Japanese Schools

The presenter works in the faculty of education at a national university, and in the course of his job, he regularly visits elementary and junior high schools in and around Gifu. He also works as an adviser to one high school. In this presentation, he will describe the most serious issues he sees when he observes English lessons and talk about what he perceives to be the biggest problems facing Japanese teachers of English.


BTB Press will also have a booth in the Educational Materials Exhibition (EME) at the venue. Please drop by to see us there!

You can find more details on the official conference website.