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Get Set!

Book Author: Mutsumi Kawasaki & David Barker

¥1900 plus tax

ISBN 978-4-905088-53-0

Get Set! helps students transition from studying English for tests to communicating in the real world. The book begins by looking at the culture of the language classroom and the expectations of language teachers. Students examine and discuss their beliefs about and attitudes to studying English. The main body of the book shows students how to improve their proficiency in: • vocabulary • pronunciation • grammar • speaking • reading • writing • listening Other topics include English proficiency tests, finding resources for self-study, goal-setting, and the realities and possibilities of studying abroad. Each unit comes with a lists of resources for further study and has its own homework assignment with templates on tear-out pages at the back of the book. Get Set! gives students a chance to “reset” their feelings about learning English and helps them adjust to language learning at the tertiary level.

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