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Back to Basics -基本に戻る、という方針は、流行にとらわれることなく、学習者にとって本当に必要なもの、実際に学習者の上達に違いを生むもの、という考えに基づいています。





BTB Press is a publisher specializing in educational materials for Japanese learners of English. BTB Press publications offer teachers and students a way of building bridges between classroom lessons and independent study. Our books can easily be integrated into general language programs, but they also provide students with the knowledge and resources they need to become autonomous learners.The Back to Basics philosophy is reflected in the style and structure of all our books: BTB publications are based not on what is currently fashionable or “in vogue,” but rather on a realistic assessment of what learners want, what they need, and what kind of materials will actually make a difference to their language proficiency. The Textbooks that Teach motto is our reaction to the tendency for modern language textbooks to be heavy on activities, but light on actual content. We aim to produce books that learners could take out of their cupboards years from now and still find to be a useful resource for self-study.

BTB Press is a subsidiary of Dream Blossom Ltd. If you would like to order any of our products, please visit using the link on our "orders" page.

Please feel free to contact us if you have any comments, feedback, or suggestions relating to our books.

Prospective Authors


If you have an idea for a book that you think would fit the Back-to-Basics philosophy, please fill out the application form or visit our stand at a conference.

BTBプレスの「Back to Basics(基本に戻る)」という方針に合うと思う本のアイディアがありましたら、お申し込みフォームにご記入いただくか、学会のブースにお立ち寄りください。
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