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Thanks for all your comments. I’m glad to know I’m not the only one who doesn’t know very many numbers. The question of what effect technology is having on our society is a tricky one. It’s quite scary to think that one of the most important pieces of technology in our world today (the Internet) didn’t even exist when I was a child.

Are you familiar with “Moore’s Law”? This is an observation that over the history of computer hardware, the number of transistors on integrated circuits has roughly doubled every two years. (I copied that from Wikipedia!) What that means is that the pace at which computers evolve is exponential, not linear. In other words, it doesn’t go in a sequence like 1, 2, 3…, it goes 2, 4, 8, ….

Put simply, this means that not only are computers getting smarter, the speed at which they get smarter is also increasing. Having said that, the Wikipedia article suggests that this kind of progression is only expected to continue until 2015 or 2020. I guess we will just have to wait and see what happens.

Here is some feedback on your comments:

How were your long holidays?
Note that in English, we don’t really use the phrase “long holidays,” because most holidays in Western countries are at least a week long. Four days would not be described as a “long holiday” by anyone! We do say “long weekend,” though, if a holiday falls on a Friday or a Monday.

It took much time but it was good for me
It took a lot of time, but … (A-Z: much / many) (Great to hear from you again, by the way!)

and it was 9 days trip
and it was a 9-day-trip (A-Z: compound adjectives)

I had a fairly nice GW holiday, too.
Nice sentence.

Ito-san, Fuji TV announcer and his son were sitting in the seat directly across from us.
Nice, but you need “the” before “Fuji TV announcer.”

I can’t write Kanjis properly any longer
Foreigners who live in Japan usually say, “I can’t write kanji.” I don’t know why, but we don’t use the plural form.

Now, I’m living in Huchu Tokyo. New employee training was over
Glad to hear you are enjoying your new life, and congratulations on your TOEIC score!

and I heard many times that how dangerous the technology is.
I often hear people talking about the dangers of technology.

I used the similar phrase(the other way around) but you just corrected Fumie’s sentence. So I was just wondering my sentences were acceptable or you just overlooked.
If I remember rightly, the problem with Fumie’s sentence was not that expression. If you post your sentence again, I’ll tell you whether it is okay.

By the way, I have never heard of the 3D plastic gun. I wonder what it’s like. I mean, it’s awful if everyone will be able to make it, and I really hope it turns out to be a failure.
I read in the news today that the US government is going to ban it.

but it seems that I’ve changed 9 to 6 instead!
“It seems that I changed” or “I seem to have changed.” (Both would be okay.)

I know 5 numbers by heart, and same as Biwa, all of them are house phones
I know 5 numbers by heart, and just like Biwa, …

You guys seem to have a great GW holidays.
You guys seem to have had a great Golden Week. (A-Z: seem)

By the way, I’ve planted some vegetable seeds about a month ago, too.
By the way, I planted some…

and it took them long hours to get there.
and it took them a long time / and it took them many hours

but to me, it’s quite noisy!
but to me, it’s quite annoying! (A-Z: noisy)

my son’s kindergarten’s one isn’t as noisy as your sons’ school one.
my son’s kindergarten doesn’t keep pestering us like your son’s does.

That’s it for today. Have a great weekend.


  1. Mika on 2013年05月10日 at 18:06

    Hi David,

    Thank you for nice feedback.
    I undersand your point. (We often say “長い休暇” in Japanese.)

    Have a nice weekend, everybody.

  2. Biwa on 2013年05月10日 at 18:58

    Hi David,

    Thank you for your feedback. It seems that I still have trouble with using tenses correctly:(

    By the way, I googled “Moore’s Law”. (It was too difficult for me to understand even in Japanese!) The only thing I got to know was that computers are already small enough as the size of an atom(is that true?), so the progression in that field will end in the near future. As you say, I wonder what will happen next. Maybe progression in capacity or speed or cost? Anyway, it’s far beyond my understanding!

  3. Anne on 2013年05月10日 at 22:39

    Hi David,

    Thank you for your feedback.
    “tense” related things is one of the big problems for me.
    >just like Biwa, …
    —I’m often confused with the use of “same as” with “like.”

    By the way, Kei Nishikori beat Federer,17-time slam Champion, at the Madrid Open. I’m a fan of Federer, but it’s a big and good news. Just for the record, both of them are tennis players.

    Have a lovely weekend,everyone!

  4. Fumie on 2013年05月10日 at 23:37

    Hi David,

    Thank you always for your feedback. It’s so useful!
    I read Wikipedia article of “Moore’s law”. It sure is difficult even in Japanese, as Biwa said.
    >Having said that, the Wikipedia article suggests that this kind of progression is only expected to continue until 2015 or 2020.
    I wonder whether technology will keep on developing or not. Would there be a setback? For me, today’s technology is convenient/high enough.

    Concerning amo’s question,
    amo wrote, And you wrote the words(同姓婚and異性婚)the other way around, didn’t you?? (5/1)

    And I answered, I used the words 異性婚 and 同性婚 other way round.(5/2)

    These are your feedback of May 3rd.
    I used the words 異性婚 and 同性婚 other way round.
    I used the words … and … the wrong way round.

    These are amo’s question of May 5th.
    This is not my sentence but Fumie might have just followed my sentences. She used “(the) other way round” and I used “the other way around” though. I don’t think that those two phrases have the different meanings, so I should change my sentences too?

    1. In this sentence, you seemed to write the two words the other way around.
    >In this sentence, you seemed to write the two words the wrong way around.

    2. And you wrote the words(同姓婚and異性婚)the other way around, didn’t you??
    >And you wrote the words(同姓婚and異性婚)the wrong way around, didn’t you??

    Also, are there big differences between “the other way around/round” and “the wrong way around/round?” because when I check both meanings in a dictionary and their meanings are the same(1, in the opposite position or order. 2. the opposite situation)

    Have a lovely weekend, everyone!

  5. YU on 2013年05月11日 at 09:13

    Hi David,

    Thank you always for your feedback!

    > I read in the news today that the US government is going to ban it.

    I’m releaved to hear that.
    I thought that would be the outcome!
    Apparently, Cody Wilson is called one of the 15 most dangerous people in the world, so I don’t think we should leaving him free!

    Hi everyone,

    What is the weather like at your living place?
    It’s humid today and the sky is threatening here in Kanagawa.

    Last evening my son went to his English class for the first time. There are five students in his class. All of them are 4 or 5. I know his teacher(American) very well because he teaches me at my English club, too. Anyway, my son looked very nervous during the class, but he seems to have liked the class and his new textbook, so I’m relieved! 🙂

    Hi Anne,

    Many people say that Nishikori is going to be ranked No.1 in the ATP rankings in a few years.
    Mr. Shuzo Matusoka always praises him to the skies, “圭は天才肌”. I usually enjoy his jokes and over-actions, but I don’t think he is joking as far as Kei Nishikori is concerned!

  6. YU on 2013年05月11日 at 09:15


    so I don’t think we should leaving him free!

    ….we should leave him free!

  7. Anne on 2013年05月11日 at 09:42

    Hi YU,
    >I don’t think he is joking as far as Kei Nishikori is concerned!—Yes, I couldn’t agree with you more. His words sometimes look over-reacted, but I think he is always serious. I like his enthusiastic messages.

    I read an article how Nishikori had overcome the cultural differences in the US other than playing tennis, and that was touching. (Sorry, I don’t remember when and where I read it.)

  8. amo on 2013年05月11日 at 23:36

    Hi David,

    Thanks for your feedback, and about my sentences, Fumie already post for me. I would appreciate it if you tell me whether they are okay.

    Hi Fumie,

    Thanks for posting my sentences. How sweet of you to do so 😉

    Good night and sweet dreams,

  9. Mika on 2013年05月12日 at 10:54

    Hi Anne,

    Good morning!
    Thank you for the nice link.
    I was really impressed by his emotion and advice to children.

    Have a nice day!

  10. Kattie on 2013年05月12日 at 23:17

    Hi everyone,

    I’ve had a French woman to stay this week so I was too busy to write before now. Anyway, I counted up the number of phone numbers that I know off by heart and it’s at least 12, which seems high compared to other people on this blog. I’m not particularly good with numbers so I’m wondering whether I’m typical in the UK or not. It’s probably because I quite often make calls to and from landlines (It’s often cheaper) and it seems like this is unusual in Japan. The numbers I can recall are mainly my family’s but I also know the phone numbers of 5 friends. A lot of my friends’ numbers are local so the first 6 digits are the same and I only have to remember the last 4 which is quite easy.

  11. David on 2013年05月13日 at 11:10

    Hi Fumie,

    Thanks for posting Amo’s questions, but I’m afraid I still don’t understand what you want me to answer. I explained the difference between “the other way round” and “the wrong way round” before. Did amo want to know something else?

  12. Biwa on 2013年05月13日 at 12:47

    Hi David,

    I think Fumie and amo are wondering why you only corrected Fumie’s sentence.

    amo’s sentence:”And you wrote the words(同姓婚and異性婚)the other way around, didn’t you??” (5/1)

    Fumie’s sentence:”I used the words 異性婚 and 同性婚 other way round.”(5/2)

    Although Fumie forgot “the”, they both used “the other way (a)round” in their sentences, so I guess they’re wondering if amo’s was correct, and only Fumie’s was wrong.

  13. David on 2013年05月13日 at 12:59

    Thanks Biwa,

    I corrected Fumie’s sentence because she forgot “the,” but I guess both of these would be better as “the wrong way round.”

  14. Biwa on 2013年05月13日 at 13:08

    Hi David,

    Glad to be of help:)
    I think so, too, that “the wrong way round” would be better for both cases, but to me, amo’s “the other way round” sounds euphemistic than saying directly “wrong”, so it doesn’t sound so incorrect. Is my understanding wrong? kambikuttan porn