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The Reading Book Unit 14 Review Resources

Social media

Social media includes services like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. Most people use them a lot in their own language, but they can also be a great way to practice reading natural English every day. You can follow people who post about topics that interest you, or you can search for content made specifically for English learners.      


YouTube videos usually have subtitles, although some of them are generated automatically, so they are not always correct. Reading comments that other people have written about the videos you like is also a great way to develop your reading skills. If you watch instructional videos, you can learn something new while practicing English!  


If you have a smartphone, you have access to an endless supply of English learning material. In addition to general language learning apps, there are also many that focus specifically on helping you to develop reading sub-skills, like speed reading apps and apps for learning vocabulary. Of course, you can also read regular books using apps like Kindle.

Online recourses

Most language learning websites have sections on reading, and there are many sites that are aimed specifically at helping you to develop your reading skills. You have met some of them in this book. These provide access to an incredible range of learning resources, and they can be viewed on a smartphone, a tablet, or a computer.  

General websites

Checking websites on topics that interest you is a great way to get used to reading natural English. If you like cooking, look for recipes; if you like sports, read reports about games and players. Shopping websites are also interesting because people write reviews about the items they have bought. Read the reviews for something you own and see if you agree!
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